3 September 2010

Recipe for this blog's readers

Collect 1 kg. of acorns. Cross them in the bottom. Cook them for a long while. Peel them.
Make acorn-flour. Use this to bake a bread.
Acorn-bread is healthy and tasty. It should be eaten by everybody on a daily basis.
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1 September 2010

Upside down seasons.

Today is the first day of Spring.  At the moment, outside my window, it is raining.  It is also cold.  Not quite the Spring Rain that the Go-Betweens talked about then.  I do, however, have the beginnings of hayfever.  Hopefully this rain might clear it up.  But, until then, my nose is sore.  Just thought you'd like to know.  Today is the first day of Spring.  Soon, the racing carnival will begin.  Soon, it will be summer and, therefore, Christmas.  Shops are already stocking their Christmas booty.  It's depressing.  Today is the first day of Spring. 

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30 August 2010

Making light of death.

Abbie Hoffman was an American protestor/student activist, who wrote a bestselling book called, 'Steal this book.' It detailed (at the time) all the ways you could basically live for free in America. It included things such as free air travel, free food, free accomodation, how to make bombs and guns and how to protest effectively. It became a bestseller on the New York Review of Books list and, like it's title says, was stolen more than bought. It was stolen so much, that libraries refused to stock it. Abbie Hoffman died at the age of 52.