22 October 2011

From:  BoneFarm Scripa Sinclair
Mr.  Abbie Hoffman
83rd Dead Zone

But its interesting!
      Think about Duchamp with that urinal way back in 1903.  He came from France to shock and mystify the NYC art world with a urinal!  A urinal!  Right there and then he made a move that convinced people of the objects indifference to art.  Now, art can be anything declared to be art, at least if it is declared by an artist.  It was as though he made art reality and reality art.
Scripa Sinclair aka MotherHuckster

21 October 2011

The persistent gaze (view from the emperor)

I behold the vortex
I stand on the edge
I realease my anger.

just because you made it doesn't mean people will pay attention. creative efforts require EFFORT, yo.

Please stop writing whiny blog posts about how hardly anyone is contributing to the blog. This does not inspire sympathy, it inspires contempt.

Some ideas to get more traffic to this blog and potentially more contributors:
  • Paid advertising (might work, might not)
  • Posting something daily or at least consistently: this is a matter of math. Search Engine Optimization. More content = more searchbots locating your content = showing up in random searches.
  • Tweeting the blog address.
  • Something about facebook.
  • DO NOT POST blog posts about blogging or engage in public whining. Passive aggression is not an attractive trait and are much more annoying than you realize.
  • Putting the blog address on postcards, bookmarks, business cards, community bulletin boards with tear-away blog address strips, craigslist, etc.
  • Develop a marketing plan (see above)
  • Do not believe that internet success relies on random luck. It's math and hard work. Just because you have built it and you think it's an awesome idea does not mean everyone else will also think the same.
  • Write a press release about it. Do this often (see "Develop a marketing plan"). Your local public library should have books about marketing, SEO stuff, how to write a press release, etc. Or you can just steal the books you need from your local bankrupt bookstore.