18 February 2017

I don't know

Scarica la puntata dell'25 luglio 2014 cliccando QUI
Coxo Spaziale prosegue il suo originalissimo percorso estivo con una puntata dedicata alla manipolazione affettiva, durante la quale il non-conduttore DJ Paglione conclude in diretta un esperimento psicologico sul suo amico Valid, ignaro di esserne la cavia gigante.

Manipolazione affettiva

Prendete una persona e comportatevi con essa come a costei piacerebbe che voi foste, siate costantemente presenti con lei, colmandone i vuoti quotidiani, e preoccupatevi di essere sempre affabili con i suoi amici e parenti, quindi isolatela progressivamente dalla sua rete relazionale, e quando intorno a sé non avrà altri che voi, invitatela in radio e fatele ascoltare due ore di NoFX: un nuovo fan sarà nato!

Per saperne di più sulla manipolazione affettiva:

Del sadismo morale, ovvero il vampiro narcisista.

A chi non è capitato?


Domenica 3 agosto 


Idoli indiscussi della scena punk i NoFX saranno protagonisti di un nuovo evento estivo a Milano. Insieme ad Agnostic Front e The Old Firm Casuals, il meglio del punk-rock e dell'hard-core internazionale suonerà insieme per un appuntamento unico sul palco del Carroponte di Sesto San Giovanni, alle porte del capoluogo lombardo.

Trent’anni di lunga e onorata carriera fanno dei NoFX i paladini indiscussi dello skate-punk-rock californiano, da sempre amato e seguitissimo in tutto il mondo. Con oltre 6 milioni di copie vendute in tutto il mondo, la storia dei NoFX muove i primi passi negli anni ’80 sulla scia di band come Ramones e Misfits. Ma è con la decade successiva che la band raggiunge la vetta  all’interno del panorama musicale mondiale in un continuo crescendo di popolarità e successo. Partiti dal punk-hard-core più violento, per approdare ad una originale formula di hard-core melodico, i NoFX hanno pubblicato 12 album in studio, sempre con etichette indipendenti, e un infinito numero di singoli, extendend paly, live, compilation, raccolte e documentari.

I nostri, ancora oggi sono in giro per tutti i palchi del mondo (sono stati anche in Cina!), sudando e faticando come se fosse la prima volta. I NoFX sono famosi per i loro live show incredibilmente vivaci che si sviluppano tra siparietti, scherzi e messaggi a dimostrazione dell’importante impegno politico e sociale che da sempre li caratterizza.

Losers (feat. Riz MC & Envy) – Flush
NoFX – Kill All the White Man
NoFX – The Death of John Smith
NoFX – The Longest Line
NoFX – Reeko
NoFX – Scavenger Type
NoFX – Philthy Phil Philanthropist
NoFX – Freedom Like a Shopping Cart
NoFX – Bleeding Heart Disease
NoFX – Lori Meyers
NoFX – Jeff Wears Birkenstocks
NoFX – Punk Guy
NoFX – Happy Guy
NoFX – Reeko (de novo...)
NoFX – Whoops, I OD'd
NoFX – The Separation of Church and Skate
NoFX – Falling in Love
NoFX – It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
NoFX – My Vagina
NoFX – Herojuana
NoFX – Cokie the Clown
NoFX – Straight Outta Massachusetts
NoFX – Fermented and Flailing
NoFX – Codependence Day
NoFX – My Orphan Year (Acoustic)
NoFX – Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
NoFX – We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum
NoFX – The Marxist Brothers
NoFX – The Man I Killed
NoFX – Benny Got Blowed Up
NoFX – Leaving Jesusland
NoFX – Getting High on the Down Low
NoFX – Cool and Unusual Punishment
NoFX – Dinosaurs Will Die
NoFX – Thank God It's Monday
NoFX – Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don't)
NoFX – The Decline (X2)
NoFX – The Bag
NoFX – Please Play This Song on the Radio
NoFX – Warm
NoFX – Eat the Meek

19 January 2016

2016 - whoa!!

Yes boys and girls, it's 2016 and we're still here, drinking beer.  It's summer, it's been 35-39 degrees most days and I'm at work tomorrow.  But hey, that's the way the pig flies.  Have been doing a lot of writing lately; in the throes of a new experimental novel style that I'm calling 'particleism.'  For want of a better word.  Inspired by Cubist art, I'm trying to write the basic blocks of a novel and leave out the rest of the crap.  It'll be up on Smashwords when done.

till then

I remain


31 May 2015

I Stole This Blog, but DeVillo Sloan Stole My Life!!

He cloned me, he turned me into a remote controlled Stepford Wife. My clone plays twister with pigs. My clone has an Uncle Ramone who drinks Tequila and gets sloppy at dive bars. My clone is not me. My clone mocks me. My clone is a stereotype. I fight against her. I resist her, yet she is strong and determined like me. He has made me into a monster and stole my life. I do not know if it is stole, stoled, stolen, or stealed. Before DeVillo Steeled my life, I wouldn't have know.

My Blog was Rated #1 by the HuffNPuffington Post!

 Please read and comment. Seriously, I'm on the ledge at least once a day based on # of visitors


Cats and Artists Can't resist mysterious portals

30 May 2015

Fluxus ?

So, are blogs not functional anymore?

It seems as a blogger that more and more people move into the social networks, and the visiting of blogs is declining. On the other hand people need structures to find things, and the social media are loosing thje structures more and more because they want to earn money from us and try to distract us with activities that bring them money......

1 April 2014


Yeah, it's still here.  And this is my first post for the year, maybe even two.  And it still isn't all that interesting, but it is at least, another post.  Things haven't been much different since the last one, except I'm a poet now.  Put out heaps of stuff in the last few months, just waiting on replies, rejections and acceptances.  My Smashwords site is going pretty good; I've made everything I've put up free so lots have been downloaded.  Whether any of it has been read is debateable but you never know.  Will keep you posted on further developments.  Keep changing!!

13 May 2013

it still works

glad to know this experiment still works. It is a kind of conceoptual artwork that keeps changing....

25 April 2013

A Kickstarter Project for a show in London, UK

Artist and curator KAZ asked me to join him for an exhibition in London in July, at Kingsgate Gallery. I will be showing new work, together with some musical sculptures that I will be playing at the opening of the exbihibition, on July 4th, 2013.
Funds for this show are scarce, so we decided to try out Kickstarter to raise funds for this project. At the moment we raised already over a third of what's needed for the show, and we are confident that with your help we will be able to get the show going.
Kickstarter works that you either get the whole project funded, or nothing at all, so I am asking you to promote this project and let all your friends know about it.
This is the link to paste on Facebook, Twitter, or to make a donation:
Even one pound can make a difference.
Thank you very much!
PS: You will receive original artworks from a pledge as small as UK £ 10!
UC1304, a work on paper by Stefano W. Pasquini

You received this email because you are on www.stefanopasquini.net mailing list. This means you're either a friend of Stefano, you have emailed him or the studio in the past, or your email has been made available in an art context online. The Italian laws works against unwanted emailing (Spam), which means you can ask to be removed from this list simply by replying to this email with the word "REMOVE" on the header. Then you will not receive any more message form the studio unless the studio receives unwanted emails from you. [eye for an eye! ]
You can join my e-mailing list by clicking here

28 March 2013

News of the week

so, i've become a writer again.  i sort of gave it up a while ago but, as it always does, it pulled me back in.  i'm writing another novel, have written a few short stories and some poems and presently have a tonne of things out there, just waiting to be rejected.  i'm trying to be positive but i usually set myself up for failure and, guess what?  it generally eventuates.  not always but mostly.  i don't mind though, i'll keep sending things out and seeing what happens.  published a couple of things on smashwords though. 

here's the link if anyone is at all interested:


and that's about it. 

12 December 2012


And so it's nearly Christmas, which means, as all things must, that it's summer time. Yeah, the weather has really been heating up around here and today is no exception. We're going to take our daughter to the Aquarium today, which means a good hour's drive in this heat. Thank God for A/C.

So, another year almost over and another few posts on this blog by me and various others. It's still looking really good, even though I occassionaly get a message that someone tries to change the password but, what the hell, if you want to, you certainly can. What do I care? It's here for anyone to do what they want with it and if that means shutting it down, then go right ahead.

Personally, I hope no one does because it's just starting to really move forward.

How do I know?

Wait till next year.

15 October 2012

Projekto Sendecida by Projekto Sendecida - steal this music

steal this music

24 May 2012

New password

As I thought, some smarty has changed the password.  I was going to leave it but I thought, no, I'll change it again.  So I've now put the new password on the front.  Whoever changed it, you'll need to do better than that.  

17 April 2012


I haven't written anything in this blog for ages and ages but I see someone has pretty much taken it over and done great things with it and, for that, I'm very happy.  It's starting to become what I envisioned when I first created it; a site for people to do whatever they wanted.  I notice it's pretty much devoted to Mail Art and Art in general but that's not a bad thing.  I mean, a paedophile group or Nazi sympathizers could have taken it over and I might have got into some real serious shit.  But no, people who understand have been contributing and for that, I'm awfully grateful.  I'll try to post a bit more regularly but I don't even on my personal blog so I wouldn't be holding my breath or anything.  I'm really interested to see if this becomes any more popular as the years wind on.  It's quite exciting really.

23 February 2012

Two exhibitions on friday and saturday // Keep being in my emailing list


Hi, I just wanted to let you know about my next exhibitions. If you wish to continue receiving updates on my shows please read the end of this email, thank you!



e del sonno (a)

adriano persiani, enrica berselli, simone rondelet, christian rainer, caterina morelli, ascanio tacconi, claudia collina, stefano w. pasquini, anna lisa bondioli, andrea belfi, gilda scaglioni & francesco petroni, andrea sessa, roberto papavero crusca, emanuela ascari, silvia forese, colette baraldi, chiara soldati, giulia ferrarese, francesco martinelli, elettra mallaby

vernissage Friday 24th February 2012 7 PM

curated by patrizia silingardi and sonia schiavone

thur/sat 3-6 PM and by appointment, until 21st April 2012

thanks to viabizzuno for the lights

melepere | via sottoriva 12 | verona | italy | +39 045 8015353 | +39 335 8359128 | p.iva 03471660237 | info@melepere.com


Project curated by Silvia Cini

with the collaboration of Francesca Serrati

Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce

OPENING Saturday 25th February 2012, 6.00 PM

Cartabianca refers to a contemporary and multi-participant art-project which sets out to interact with the museum's collateral spaces and the services that it offers. The intention is to spark off relational dynamics, which in turn would involve the very city hosting the museum. Interlacing connections with the major Italian cities will be developed through diverse exhibitions, the latter aimed at describing the emergent and the vital within the contemporary art framework.

The cartabianca_bologna first phase is carried out by the curators Roberto Daolio, Massimo Marchetti and Anna Santomauro. It will involve eleven artists and groups: Alessandra Andrini, Emanuel Ascari, Claire Bosi, Giulia Cenci, Curandi Katz, Anna Ferraro, Antonello Ghezzi, Luciano Maggiore, Stefano W. Pasquini, Chiara Pergola, Emanuele Serafini.

The artistic contributions above will range from specific projects through to minimal and small displacements, avoiding predetermined paths and models. They will be established as "collateral spaces riqualification operations", areas not specifically assigned to the exhibition activity, but which become fundamental elements to the Museum's life, encouraging involvement and establishing new paths for sharing.


info@cartabiancaitalia.com - staffmostre@comune.genova.it

fb Carta Bianca

Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce 

Via J. Ruffini, 3 - 16128 Genova 

Tel. +39 010 580069 / 585772 
Fax +39 010 532482 

 The event on 

WARNING! If you wish to continue receiving updates on Stefano W. Pasquini's shows please leave your e-amil address on this page.

You received this email because you are on www.stefanopasquini.net mailing list. This means you're either a friend of Stefano, you have emailed him or the studio in the past, or your email has been made available in an art context online. The Italian laws works against unwanted emailing (Spam), which means you can ask to be removed from this list simply by replying to this email with the word "REMOVE" on the header. Then you will not receive any more message form the studio unless the studio receives unwanted emails from you. [eye for an eye!

19 February 2012


Be yourself. Fall inlove. Forget the past. Hold no regrets. Follow your dreams. Smile. Tell yourself you can do it. Because you can. Listen to your heart more often than your brain. Don't hate - it burns the soul. Care about yourself. Take risks. Do things for others. Cultivate your mind. Fight for justice. Be free.

15 December 2011

Professor's brain....

labandeapersonne@gmail.com free use mail box for artis(t)ik project. Password Cacapipi
Please if you're use it add your contact on the list and send to all


La bande a personne

15 November 2011

The Secret Lives of Mail Artists

Some mail artists dedicate ALL of their time to mail art.  Some others incorporate mail art into their lives as nothing more than a hobby, or even as a one time thing.  Then there are mail artists who include mail art making and curating as a part of a myriad of artistic activities over several years .  Dom Fetherston falls into this category.

Check out his drawings paintings and sculptures AND some postal art at  http://cautionstudio.ca

8 November 2011

The Walking Dead!

I watch the Walking Dead and think it is great! It is a a refreshing take on the zombie genre. Feel free to discuss your views on this show.

7 November 2011


Do you remember :

1) when kids use to play outside?

2) when cell phones didn't exist and yet kids survived walking to the store alone?

3) when parents allowed their kids to walk to school unsupervised?

4) when a kids' broken bone was an "accident" and not a reason to raze all playgrounds due to liability and lawsuits?

I do.

-Concerned for the next generation

3 November 2011


Cuts tongues

silences the sheep. 

Refuse to be herd.

Bark as loud as you want. 

27 October 2011

Going to the dogs

Creative people cure society.

There's nothing new under the sun.

So, long live hipsters, because cliche's piss people off.


26 October 2011

Who am I? Who are you!!!

I am no one & yet I am everyone. I am an artist & i am not alone. I am unemployed & yet I am happy. Creative expression is a medium that transcends race - color, beliefs... It is not up to us to say what is art - it is only important to view it. Seek Enjoy Experience most of all - do not apply criteria to it

25 October 2011

Stolen PoststsoP


Science can be introduced to children well or poorly

During the last two centuries and a half, physical knowledge has been gradually made to rest upon a basis which it had not before. It has become mathematical. The question now is, not whether this or that hypothesis is better or worse to the pure thought, but whether it accords with observed phenomena in those consequences which can be shown necessarily to follow from it, if it be true 
In Augustus De Morgan and Sophia Elizabeth De Morgan (ed.), A Budget of Paradoxes (1872), 2. 
Science quotes on:  |  Accord (5)  |  Basis (15)  |  Better (16)  |  Century (25)  |  Consequence (26)  |  Follow (7)  |  Hypothesis (132)  |  Knowledge (507)  |  Mathematics (274)  |  Necessity (53)  |  Observation (211)  |  Phenomenon (82)  |  Physical Science (23)  |  Pure (7)  |  Question (96)  |  Thought (116)  |  Truth (332) 

Mr. Hillaire Belloc has pointed out that science has changed greatly, and for the worse, since it became popular. Some hundred years ago, or more, only very unusual, highly original spirits were attracted to science at all; scientific work was therefore carried out by men of exceptional intelligence. Now, scientists are turned out by mass production in our universities. 
In Science is a Sacred Cow (1950), 23-24. 
Science quotes on:  |  Change (87)  |  Intelligence (60)  |  Original (7)  |  Point (12)  |  Popularity (2)  |  Spirit (27)  |  University (18) 

24 October 2011

Join in

It is getting more difficult to enter this blog. Security questions, also not supporting the browser I use. Geezzz, life on Internet gets difficult.
The security question that you will have to answer is also everybody

so now i am here taking over this blog , nor really sure what i wanted with this , in fact i wanted to write about negative product placement and started to read about mail art , a rather big thing in the 60 and 70 , but it died a slow dead because of the internet . Have been wondering how it would be possible to get people to use normal post again , like in sending letters or gifts.

23 October 2011

Dr. Martens

Mass amounts of Dr. Martens littered the fluffy snow

Canvas and leather

Oxblood never looked this good on white

- Petriv

22 October 2011

From:  BoneFarm Scripa Sinclair
Mr.  Abbie Hoffman
83rd Dead Zone

But its interesting!
      Think about Duchamp with that urinal way back in 1903.  He came from France to shock and mystify the NYC art world with a urinal!  A urinal!  Right there and then he made a move that convinced people of the objects indifference to art.  Now, art can be anything declared to be art, at least if it is declared by an artist.  It was as though he made art reality and reality art.
Scripa Sinclair aka MotherHuckster

21 October 2011

The persistent gaze (view from the emperor)

I behold the vortex
I stand on the edge
I realease my anger.

just because you made it doesn't mean people will pay attention. creative efforts require EFFORT, yo.

Please stop writing whiny blog posts about how hardly anyone is contributing to the blog. This does not inspire sympathy, it inspires contempt.

Some ideas to get more traffic to this blog and potentially more contributors:
  • Paid advertising (might work, might not)
  • Posting something daily or at least consistently: this is a matter of math. Search Engine Optimization. More content = more searchbots locating your content = showing up in random searches.
  • Tweeting the blog address.
  • Something about facebook.
  • DO NOT POST blog posts about blogging or engage in public whining. Passive aggression is not an attractive trait and are much more annoying than you realize.
  • Putting the blog address on postcards, bookmarks, business cards, community bulletin boards with tear-away blog address strips, craigslist, etc.
  • Develop a marketing plan (see above)
  • Do not believe that internet success relies on random luck. It's math and hard work. Just because you have built it and you think it's an awesome idea does not mean everyone else will also think the same.
  • Write a press release about it. Do this often (see "Develop a marketing plan"). Your local public library should have books about marketing, SEO stuff, how to write a press release, etc. Or you can just steal the books you need from your local bankrupt bookstore.

30 September 2011

Twelve months on....

and this blog is still sort of going.  No one's really posting though so, maybe it really isn't.  I'm going to keep it up though. 

Who knows what another year might bring?

Probably not much.

20 April 2011

How to become a successful porn star

For women: go to the gym, get breast implants, fake orgasms convincingly, enjoy being exploited, convince yourself you aren't being.

For men: be born with an enormous penis.

12 April 2011


I've been getting up early the past three months, to go running before work.  I've been pretty consistent and have lost about 5 kilos because of it. 

This morning, however, the rain was pissing down.  'I'm going to stay in bed,' I thought and turned over.  But my body had other ideas.

'I need to go to the toilet.' 
'Let me sleep.'
'But I need to go to the toilet, NOW.' 

So, sighing, I got out of bed and went to the toilet.  As I was listening to the rain, I remembered reading an article from a personal trainer about motivation.  She said there was no real such thing.  It was just a matter of doing.  One sentence I clearly remember, was her writing, 'Do you think I'm motivated when I wake up and hear rain on the roof?' 

Such was the morning.  What could I do?  I felt guilty.  So I put on my gear and went running.  It wasn't bad.  Not too cold and not too wet. 

Came home and felt better. 


30 March 2011

"Yay" Us...Not "Boo" Them

Why is it that people feel like they need to knock the other side down in order to bolster themselves?  Giving politicians a pass (whether they deserve one or not) there's no need for it in sports, advertising or...well, life.

Researching women in computer science, I see a lot of the Men vs. Women attitude.  Who's better?  Are you kidding me?  Can't we all just get along?

Acknowledging that many men are damn good programmers doesn't take away the fact that many women are damn good, too.  Saying that University of Oregon Ducks ROCK as a football team doesn't mean that the OSU Beavers suck.

Here's my question.  Why is it that we have this inherent need to trash the opposing side?  In sports, isn't it a little more powerful to say that *they're* good, but *we're* still better?

15 March 2011

Hand held

The laying on of hands, is it still like the leaving of a ghost?  One to one in another realm, I've seen some things that you wouldn't want described with a smile on your face.  And I've seen others than can be described no other way.  For is not the laying on of hands the laying of foundations?  The laying of respect?  Truly, I do not say these things lightly.  The laying on of hands.  The laying on of life. 

8 March 2011

There's interesting things afoot.  I'm going to be 45 tomorrow and I've got a feeling.  A feeling something really good might happen this year.  I don't know why; I've had these feelings before and nothing has come of it but, things are definitely going to change this year.  Whether I'M going to change is a different matter.

4 March 2011

Success is failure is success

Interesting post below this one.  And one that shares a fair point.  When I began this, I didn't know what would happen.  I wasn't sure anything WOULD happen.  But, a few people started taking it over and things were kind of interesting.  The only thing was, it was exclusively mail artists.  I didn't want it to be a niche thing but, it's sort of turned out that way.  However, in the past few months, not even mail artists have been here.  I wonder if that's because I've been lazy with MY mail art.  I haven't done anything for quite a while now but I've received a bit of stuff from others.  That, by itself, isn't fair of me.  I also haven't been contributing to this blog; mainly because I hoped that so many people would take it over, that I wouldn't have to do too much.  I see now, that this is folly.  What I'm going to have to do, is try to write in the blog more regularly which, in turn (I guess) is going to inspire more people to gravitate toward it.  Thereby, insuring some sort of success as an outcome.  Let's see what happens and who arrives.