27 October 2011

Going to the dogs

Creative people cure society.

There's nothing new under the sun.

So, long live hipsters, because cliche's piss people off.


26 October 2011

Who am I? Who are you!!!

I am no one & yet I am everyone. I am an artist & i am not alone. I am unemployed & yet I am happy. Creative expression is a medium that transcends race - color, beliefs... It is not up to us to say what is art - it is only important to view it. Seek Enjoy Experience most of all - do not apply criteria to it

25 October 2011

Stolen PoststsoP


Science can be introduced to children well or poorly

During the last two centuries and a half, physical knowledge has been gradually made to rest upon a basis which it had not before. It has become mathematical. The question now is, not whether this or that hypothesis is better or worse to the pure thought, but whether it accords with observed phenomena in those consequences which can be shown necessarily to follow from it, if it be true 
In Augustus De Morgan and Sophia Elizabeth De Morgan (ed.), A Budget of Paradoxes (1872), 2. 
Science quotes on:  |  Accord (5)  |  Basis (15)  |  Better (16)  |  Century (25)  |  Consequence (26)  |  Follow (7)  |  Hypothesis (132)  |  Knowledge (507)  |  Mathematics (274)  |  Necessity (53)  |  Observation (211)  |  Phenomenon (82)  |  Physical Science (23)  |  Pure (7)  |  Question (96)  |  Thought (116)  |  Truth (332) 

Mr. Hillaire Belloc has pointed out that science has changed greatly, and for the worse, since it became popular. Some hundred years ago, or more, only very unusual, highly original spirits were attracted to science at all; scientific work was therefore carried out by men of exceptional intelligence. Now, scientists are turned out by mass production in our universities. 
In Science is a Sacred Cow (1950), 23-24. 
Science quotes on:  |  Change (87)  |  Intelligence (60)  |  Original (7)  |  Point (12)  |  Popularity (2)  |  Spirit (27)  |  University (18) 

24 October 2011

Join in

It is getting more difficult to enter this blog. Security questions, also not supporting the browser I use. Geezzz, life on Internet gets difficult.
The security question that you will have to answer is also everybody

so now i am here taking over this blog , nor really sure what i wanted with this , in fact i wanted to write about negative product placement and started to read about mail art , a rather big thing in the 60 and 70 , but it died a slow dead because of the internet . Have been wondering how it would be possible to get people to use normal post again , like in sending letters or gifts.

23 October 2011

Dr. Martens

Mass amounts of Dr. Martens littered the fluffy snow

Canvas and leather

Oxblood never looked this good on white

- Petriv