21 September 2010

Steal This Bookmark

I created this bookmark a couple of months ago. To steal it for yourself, simply print it, cut it out, fold in half and secure with double sided tape. Enjoy! :) TC

To STEAL or NOT TO STEAL, that is THE question...

First I thought this would be a joke, then came to the blog to find out you guys weren't kidding! So, I've made my own little design edits and here it goes...for now. Let's see how long before someone comes along and messes up my brilliance. Here's a little something "stolen" from the web. To steal, or not to steal, that is the question...

Oops, Barbie lost her head while skinny dipping!

20 September 2010

Drowning In Drivel

Another day and another packet of wver thin drivel cakes.  Let's heave them aboard mateys and splice the yard arm and whittle the main brace.  Scurvy swabs!  The thing with earwigs is they always get the notes all wrong. Some are brown and wrinkly and some post their lettuce in the salad bowl by mistake.  You cant have a rotating chicken for very long without it taking off and landing in your greenhouse.