15 December 2011

Professor's brain....

labandeapersonne@gmail.com free use mail box for artis(t)ik project. Password Cacapipi
Please if you're use it add your contact on the list and send to all


La bande a personne

15 November 2011

The Secret Lives of Mail Artists

Some mail artists dedicate ALL of their time to mail art.  Some others incorporate mail art into their lives as nothing more than a hobby, or even as a one time thing.  Then there are mail artists who include mail art making and curating as a part of a myriad of artistic activities over several years .  Dom Fetherston falls into this category.

Check out his drawings paintings and sculptures AND some postal art at  http://cautionstudio.ca

8 November 2011

The Walking Dead!

I watch the Walking Dead and think it is great! It is a a refreshing take on the zombie genre. Feel free to discuss your views on this show.

7 November 2011


Do you remember :

1) when kids use to play outside?

2) when cell phones didn't exist and yet kids survived walking to the store alone?

3) when parents allowed their kids to walk to school unsupervised?

4) when a kids' broken bone was an "accident" and not a reason to raze all playgrounds due to liability and lawsuits?

I do.

-Concerned for the next generation

3 November 2011


Cuts tongues

silences the sheep. 

Refuse to be herd.

Bark as loud as you want. 

27 October 2011

Going to the dogs

Creative people cure society.

There's nothing new under the sun.

So, long live hipsters, because cliche's piss people off.


26 October 2011

Who am I? Who are you!!!

I am no one & yet I am everyone. I am an artist & i am not alone. I am unemployed & yet I am happy. Creative expression is a medium that transcends race - color, beliefs... It is not up to us to say what is art - it is only important to view it. Seek Enjoy Experience most of all - do not apply criteria to it

25 October 2011

Stolen PoststsoP


Science can be introduced to children well or poorly

During the last two centuries and a half, physical knowledge has been gradually made to rest upon a basis which it had not before. It has become mathematical. The question now is, not whether this or that hypothesis is better or worse to the pure thought, but whether it accords with observed phenomena in those consequences which can be shown necessarily to follow from it, if it be true 
In Augustus De Morgan and Sophia Elizabeth De Morgan (ed.), A Budget of Paradoxes (1872), 2. 
Science quotes on:  |  Accord (5)  |  Basis (15)  |  Better (16)  |  Century (25)  |  Consequence (26)  |  Follow (7)  |  Hypothesis (132)  |  Knowledge (507)  |  Mathematics (274)  |  Necessity (53)  |  Observation (211)  |  Phenomenon (82)  |  Physical Science (23)  |  Pure (7)  |  Question (96)  |  Thought (116)  |  Truth (332) 

Mr. Hillaire Belloc has pointed out that science has changed greatly, and for the worse, since it became popular. Some hundred years ago, or more, only very unusual, highly original spirits were attracted to science at all; scientific work was therefore carried out by men of exceptional intelligence. Now, scientists are turned out by mass production in our universities. 
In Science is a Sacred Cow (1950), 23-24. 
Science quotes on:  |  Change (87)  |  Intelligence (60)  |  Original (7)  |  Point (12)  |  Popularity (2)  |  Spirit (27)  |  University (18) 

24 October 2011

Join in

It is getting more difficult to enter this blog. Security questions, also not supporting the browser I use. Geezzz, life on Internet gets difficult.
The security question that you will have to answer is also everybody

so now i am here taking over this blog , nor really sure what i wanted with this , in fact i wanted to write about negative product placement and started to read about mail art , a rather big thing in the 60 and 70 , but it died a slow dead because of the internet . Have been wondering how it would be possible to get people to use normal post again , like in sending letters or gifts.

23 October 2011

Dr. Martens

Mass amounts of Dr. Martens littered the fluffy snow

Canvas and leather

Oxblood never looked this good on white

- Petriv

22 October 2011

From:  BoneFarm Scripa Sinclair
Mr.  Abbie Hoffman
83rd Dead Zone

But its interesting!
      Think about Duchamp with that urinal way back in 1903.  He came from France to shock and mystify the NYC art world with a urinal!  A urinal!  Right there and then he made a move that convinced people of the objects indifference to art.  Now, art can be anything declared to be art, at least if it is declared by an artist.  It was as though he made art reality and reality art.
Scripa Sinclair aka MotherHuckster

21 October 2011

The persistent gaze (view from the emperor)

I behold the vortex
I stand on the edge
I realease my anger.

just because you made it doesn't mean people will pay attention. creative efforts require EFFORT, yo.

Please stop writing whiny blog posts about how hardly anyone is contributing to the blog. This does not inspire sympathy, it inspires contempt.

Some ideas to get more traffic to this blog and potentially more contributors:
  • Paid advertising (might work, might not)
  • Posting something daily or at least consistently: this is a matter of math. Search Engine Optimization. More content = more searchbots locating your content = showing up in random searches.
  • Tweeting the blog address.
  • Something about facebook.
  • DO NOT POST blog posts about blogging or engage in public whining. Passive aggression is not an attractive trait and are much more annoying than you realize.
  • Putting the blog address on postcards, bookmarks, business cards, community bulletin boards with tear-away blog address strips, craigslist, etc.
  • Develop a marketing plan (see above)
  • Do not believe that internet success relies on random luck. It's math and hard work. Just because you have built it and you think it's an awesome idea does not mean everyone else will also think the same.
  • Write a press release about it. Do this often (see "Develop a marketing plan"). Your local public library should have books about marketing, SEO stuff, how to write a press release, etc. Or you can just steal the books you need from your local bankrupt bookstore.

30 September 2011

Twelve months on....

and this blog is still sort of going.  No one's really posting though so, maybe it really isn't.  I'm going to keep it up though. 

Who knows what another year might bring?

Probably not much.

20 April 2011

How to become a successful porn star

For women: go to the gym, get breast implants, fake orgasms convincingly, enjoy being exploited, convince yourself you aren't being.

For men: be born with an enormous penis.

12 April 2011


I've been getting up early the past three months, to go running before work.  I've been pretty consistent and have lost about 5 kilos because of it. 

This morning, however, the rain was pissing down.  'I'm going to stay in bed,' I thought and turned over.  But my body had other ideas.

'I need to go to the toilet.' 
'Let me sleep.'
'But I need to go to the toilet, NOW.' 

So, sighing, I got out of bed and went to the toilet.  As I was listening to the rain, I remembered reading an article from a personal trainer about motivation.  She said there was no real such thing.  It was just a matter of doing.  One sentence I clearly remember, was her writing, 'Do you think I'm motivated when I wake up and hear rain on the roof?' 

Such was the morning.  What could I do?  I felt guilty.  So I put on my gear and went running.  It wasn't bad.  Not too cold and not too wet. 

Came home and felt better. 


30 March 2011

"Yay" Us...Not "Boo" Them

Why is it that people feel like they need to knock the other side down in order to bolster themselves?  Giving politicians a pass (whether they deserve one or not) there's no need for it in sports, advertising or...well, life.

Researching women in computer science, I see a lot of the Men vs. Women attitude.  Who's better?  Are you kidding me?  Can't we all just get along?

Acknowledging that many men are damn good programmers doesn't take away the fact that many women are damn good, too.  Saying that University of Oregon Ducks ROCK as a football team doesn't mean that the OSU Beavers suck.

Here's my question.  Why is it that we have this inherent need to trash the opposing side?  In sports, isn't it a little more powerful to say that *they're* good, but *we're* still better?

15 March 2011

Hand held

The laying on of hands, is it still like the leaving of a ghost?  One to one in another realm, I've seen some things that you wouldn't want described with a smile on your face.  And I've seen others than can be described no other way.  For is not the laying on of hands the laying of foundations?  The laying of respect?  Truly, I do not say these things lightly.  The laying on of hands.  The laying on of life. 

8 March 2011

There's interesting things afoot.  I'm going to be 45 tomorrow and I've got a feeling.  A feeling something really good might happen this year.  I don't know why; I've had these feelings before and nothing has come of it but, things are definitely going to change this year.  Whether I'M going to change is a different matter.

4 March 2011

Success is failure is success

Interesting post below this one.  And one that shares a fair point.  When I began this, I didn't know what would happen.  I wasn't sure anything WOULD happen.  But, a few people started taking it over and things were kind of interesting.  The only thing was, it was exclusively mail artists.  I didn't want it to be a niche thing but, it's sort of turned out that way.  However, in the past few months, not even mail artists have been here.  I wonder if that's because I've been lazy with MY mail art.  I haven't done anything for quite a while now but I've received a bit of stuff from others.  That, by itself, isn't fair of me.  I also haven't been contributing to this blog; mainly because I hoped that so many people would take it over, that I wouldn't have to do too much.  I see now, that this is folly.  What I'm going to have to do, is try to write in the blog more regularly which, in turn (I guess) is going to inspire more people to gravitate toward it.  Thereby, insuring some sort of success as an outcome.  Let's see what happens and who arrives. 

27 February 2011

I am not so sure if this blog is indeed a success.

No one ever seems to leave comments. There is no engagement. There is no conversation taking place. Is anyone actually paying attention. Not a question.
I have to decrease the time I spend online. Social media means that I have learned things about people that I really don't need to know. And that I'd rather not know.

2 February 2011

The answers

are in a lot of numbers but the numbers themselves don't tell you anything.  Risks are always risks but what's a good risk and what's just foolhardy?

19 January 2011

Playing a game of chess

It's cold today.  It's the middle of summer and I'm cold.  I'm the first to admit that I don't like summer anyway but, to me, this seems highly....unusual.  Maybe I'm just used to the last few summers when the drought really kicked in and we had four or five days of over 40 in a row.  I mean, we had heaps of rain last week but it was still hot.  Hot, sticky and muggy.  Horrible weather.  On the whole, I think I'd prefer the cold to last week.  But still....it's summer.  Summer is supposed to be hot.  Summer is supposed to have sun.  There's no sun out.  Only clouds.  Grey clouds.  More rain on the way.  More flooding to contend with.  But of course, global warming is a myth.......

7 January 2011


First post for the New Year. 

When I began this thing, I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I think that it's been something of a success.  Quite a few people have posted on it and quite a few others have changed things around. 

I am most excited to see what will happen in the coming year.

Keep the ideas comin'!