13 August 2010

Rape porn

I don't have many heroes.  I remember Jello Biafra saying once that he always felt a cynical with his answer, whenever he was asked who his heroes were.  And I agree.  Because most people's heroes are either too bloody obvious, or they haven't really done anything worthwhile to be called a hero.  Lady Gaga?  Seriously? 

But I think it's high time we had a major re-examination of one of my true heroes.  Someone that has done many somethings.  Someone who has had courage of her convictions.  Someone who is regularly (to this day) belittled for not knowing what she's been talking about.  Someone who has been proved to be way ahead of her time.

Let's hear it for Sinead O'Connor. 

Whenever the name is mentioned, you can bet two things come to mind: Nothing compares 2 u and the infamous Pope incident.  Well, she's been proven right on both counts.  Prince is still a great songwriter to cover and the Catholic Church and the Pope in general, needed to be told what they already knew.  Fight the real power.  The power that intimidates, rather than helps.  The power that ignores, rather than sees.  The power that believes in itself first and everyone else second.  Sinead O'Connor knew the truth.  And she was prepared - in front of millions - to speak that truth and damn the consequences. 

And what consequences.  Nary a voice of agreement.  Not in the public arena anyway.  I remember hearing about this and thinking, 'yeah, good on you.  A pop star with real guts for a change.'  But all she got was a bollocking.  And it affected her.  How could it not?  But who was the bollocking from?  Generally white, old male pop stars, who liked to think they were brave but didn't have half the balls they were born with. 

I still remember, to this day, reading an interview with Roger Waters where he talked about it.  And I remember his quote, 'you can't go round with your head up your arse, then pull it out every so often and say, I think that's wrong, or I think that's wrong.'  And I thought, and still think, Roger Waters shouldn't really be someone to go around saying someone has their head up their arse.  For a man as pretentious as Roger Waters to declare someone has their head up their arse, without a trace of irony; you know you must be doing the right thing. 

It's time to re-examine the legacy of Sinead O'Connor.  She deserves the pedestal more than anyone. 

Importing cocaine for fun and profit

You know what I find offensive?  The term 'mouth breather.' 

I'm a mouth breather.

Well, not during the day but certainly at night.  I broke my nose when I was young and now can't seem to get enough air into the old lungs to fall asleep.  So I have to breathe through my mouth.  Also, ask any runner if they're a mouth breather when they're running and of course they'll say yes.  You can't not be.

Yet 'mouth breather' is used pejoratively so many times.  I think to conjure up an inbred hick or something.  I'm not an inbred.  I might be a hick but, is that so bad? 

Stand up and be proud mouth breathers!  You've nothing to lose but your smelly breath.

12 August 2010

Build your own pipe bomb

Seriously, if there is a better show on TV than Cougar Town - I don't want to know about it.  It never fails to have me and the wife in stiches; so much so that, whenever an ad for Cougar Town comes on, it's our duty to high five each other.

You have to watch it.  Even if you're not a Courtney Arquette fan.  Or is it still Courtney Cox?  I can't remember.  Anyway, watch Cougar Town and thank me later. 

11 August 2010

It's pretty self explanatory

really.  Steal this blog.  Take it over.  Publish want you want.  Hell, you can even change the template and name if you want.  I can't stop you.   

Why am I doing this, when you can create your own blog anyway?  Good question.  Sorry, I don't have an answer.  Fame maybe?  I just thought, sometimes you have something that you want to post that won't fit on your own blog, or maybe you want to post something anonymously.  This is how you can do it. 

Let's just see if anything happens.