4 March 2011

Success is failure is success

Interesting post below this one.  And one that shares a fair point.  When I began this, I didn't know what would happen.  I wasn't sure anything WOULD happen.  But, a few people started taking it over and things were kind of interesting.  The only thing was, it was exclusively mail artists.  I didn't want it to be a niche thing but, it's sort of turned out that way.  However, in the past few months, not even mail artists have been here.  I wonder if that's because I've been lazy with MY mail art.  I haven't done anything for quite a while now but I've received a bit of stuff from others.  That, by itself, isn't fair of me.  I also haven't been contributing to this blog; mainly because I hoped that so many people would take it over, that I wouldn't have to do too much.  I see now, that this is folly.  What I'm going to have to do, is try to write in the blog more regularly which, in turn (I guess) is going to inspire more people to gravitate toward it.  Thereby, insuring some sort of success as an outcome.  Let's see what happens and who arrives. 

27 February 2011

I am not so sure if this blog is indeed a success.

No one ever seems to leave comments. There is no engagement. There is no conversation taking place. Is anyone actually paying attention. Not a question.
I have to decrease the time I spend online. Social media means that I have learned things about people that I really don't need to know. And that I'd rather not know.