12 December 2012


And so it's nearly Christmas, which means, as all things must, that it's summer time. Yeah, the weather has really been heating up around here and today is no exception. We're going to take our daughter to the Aquarium today, which means a good hour's drive in this heat. Thank God for A/C.

So, another year almost over and another few posts on this blog by me and various others. It's still looking really good, even though I occassionaly get a message that someone tries to change the password but, what the hell, if you want to, you certainly can. What do I care? It's here for anyone to do what they want with it and if that means shutting it down, then go right ahead.

Personally, I hope no one does because it's just starting to really move forward.

How do I know?

Wait till next year.

15 October 2012

Projekto Sendecida by Projekto Sendecida - steal this music

steal this music

24 May 2012

New password

As I thought, some smarty has changed the password.  I was going to leave it but I thought, no, I'll change it again.  So I've now put the new password on the front.  Whoever changed it, you'll need to do better than that.  

17 April 2012


I haven't written anything in this blog for ages and ages but I see someone has pretty much taken it over and done great things with it and, for that, I'm very happy.  It's starting to become what I envisioned when I first created it; a site for people to do whatever they wanted.  I notice it's pretty much devoted to Mail Art and Art in general but that's not a bad thing.  I mean, a paedophile group or Nazi sympathizers could have taken it over and I might have got into some real serious shit.  But no, people who understand have been contributing and for that, I'm awfully grateful.  I'll try to post a bit more regularly but I don't even on my personal blog so I wouldn't be holding my breath or anything.  I'm really interested to see if this becomes any more popular as the years wind on.  It's quite exciting really.

23 February 2012

Two exhibitions on friday and saturday // Keep being in my emailing list


Hi, I just wanted to let you know about my next exhibitions. If you wish to continue receiving updates on my shows please read the end of this email, thank you!



e del sonno (a)

adriano persiani, enrica berselli, simone rondelet, christian rainer, caterina morelli, ascanio tacconi, claudia collina, stefano w. pasquini, anna lisa bondioli, andrea belfi, gilda scaglioni & francesco petroni, andrea sessa, roberto papavero crusca, emanuela ascari, silvia forese, colette baraldi, chiara soldati, giulia ferrarese, francesco martinelli, elettra mallaby

vernissage Friday 24th February 2012 7 PM

curated by patrizia silingardi and sonia schiavone

thur/sat 3-6 PM and by appointment, until 21st April 2012

thanks to viabizzuno for the lights

melepere | via sottoriva 12 | verona | italy | +39 045 8015353 | +39 335 8359128 | p.iva 03471660237 | info@melepere.com


Project curated by Silvia Cini

with the collaboration of Francesca Serrati

Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce

OPENING Saturday 25th February 2012, 6.00 PM

Cartabianca refers to a contemporary and multi-participant art-project which sets out to interact with the museum's collateral spaces and the services that it offers. The intention is to spark off relational dynamics, which in turn would involve the very city hosting the museum. Interlacing connections with the major Italian cities will be developed through diverse exhibitions, the latter aimed at describing the emergent and the vital within the contemporary art framework.

The cartabianca_bologna first phase is carried out by the curators Roberto Daolio, Massimo Marchetti and Anna Santomauro. It will involve eleven artists and groups: Alessandra Andrini, Emanuel Ascari, Claire Bosi, Giulia Cenci, Curandi Katz, Anna Ferraro, Antonello Ghezzi, Luciano Maggiore, Stefano W. Pasquini, Chiara Pergola, Emanuele Serafini.

The artistic contributions above will range from specific projects through to minimal and small displacements, avoiding predetermined paths and models. They will be established as "collateral spaces riqualification operations", areas not specifically assigned to the exhibition activity, but which become fundamental elements to the Museum's life, encouraging involvement and establishing new paths for sharing.


info@cartabiancaitalia.com - staffmostre@comune.genova.it

fb Carta Bianca

Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce 

Via J. Ruffini, 3 - 16128 Genova 

Tel. +39 010 580069 / 585772 
Fax +39 010 532482 

 The event on 

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You received this email because you are on www.stefanopasquini.net mailing list. This means you're either a friend of Stefano, you have emailed him or the studio in the past, or your email has been made available in an art context online. The Italian laws works against unwanted emailing (Spam), which means you can ask to be removed from this list simply by replying to this email with the word "REMOVE" on the header. Then you will not receive any more message form the studio unless the studio receives unwanted emails from you. [eye for an eye!

19 February 2012


Be yourself. Fall inlove. Forget the past. Hold no regrets. Follow your dreams. Smile. Tell yourself you can do it. Because you can. Listen to your heart more often than your brain. Don't hate - it burns the soul. Care about yourself. Take risks. Do things for others. Cultivate your mind. Fight for justice. Be free.