12 December 2012


And so it's nearly Christmas, which means, as all things must, that it's summer time. Yeah, the weather has really been heating up around here and today is no exception. We're going to take our daughter to the Aquarium today, which means a good hour's drive in this heat. Thank God for A/C.

So, another year almost over and another few posts on this blog by me and various others. It's still looking really good, even though I occassionaly get a message that someone tries to change the password but, what the hell, if you want to, you certainly can. What do I care? It's here for anyone to do what they want with it and if that means shutting it down, then go right ahead.

Personally, I hope no one does because it's just starting to really move forward.

How do I know?

Wait till next year.

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