31 May 2015

I Stole This Blog, but DeVillo Sloan Stole My Life!!

He cloned me, he turned me into a remote controlled Stepford Wife. My clone plays twister with pigs. My clone has an Uncle Ramone who drinks Tequila and gets sloppy at dive bars. My clone is not me. My clone mocks me. My clone is a stereotype. I fight against her. I resist her, yet she is strong and determined like me. He has made me into a monster and stole my life. I do not know if it is stole, stoled, stolen, or stealed. Before DeVillo Steeled my life, I wouldn't have know.

My Blog was Rated #1 by the HuffNPuffington Post!

 Please read and comment. Seriously, I'm on the ledge at least once a day based on # of visitors


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