13 August 2010

Importing cocaine for fun and profit

You know what I find offensive?  The term 'mouth breather.' 

I'm a mouth breather.

Well, not during the day but certainly at night.  I broke my nose when I was young and now can't seem to get enough air into the old lungs to fall asleep.  So I have to breathe through my mouth.  Also, ask any runner if they're a mouth breather when they're running and of course they'll say yes.  You can't not be.

Yet 'mouth breather' is used pejoratively so many times.  I think to conjure up an inbred hick or something.  I'm not an inbred.  I might be a hick but, is that so bad? 

Stand up and be proud mouth breathers!  You've nothing to lose but your smelly breath.

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