19 January 2011

Playing a game of chess

It's cold today.  It's the middle of summer and I'm cold.  I'm the first to admit that I don't like summer anyway but, to me, this seems highly....unusual.  Maybe I'm just used to the last few summers when the drought really kicked in and we had four or five days of over 40 in a row.  I mean, we had heaps of rain last week but it was still hot.  Hot, sticky and muggy.  Horrible weather.  On the whole, I think I'd prefer the cold to last week.  But still....it's summer.  Summer is supposed to be hot.  Summer is supposed to have sun.  There's no sun out.  Only clouds.  Grey clouds.  More rain on the way.  More flooding to contend with.  But of course, global warming is a myth.......

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