12 April 2011


I've been getting up early the past three months, to go running before work.  I've been pretty consistent and have lost about 5 kilos because of it. 

This morning, however, the rain was pissing down.  'I'm going to stay in bed,' I thought and turned over.  But my body had other ideas.

'I need to go to the toilet.' 
'Let me sleep.'
'But I need to go to the toilet, NOW.' 

So, sighing, I got out of bed and went to the toilet.  As I was listening to the rain, I remembered reading an article from a personal trainer about motivation.  She said there was no real such thing.  It was just a matter of doing.  One sentence I clearly remember, was her writing, 'Do you think I'm motivated when I wake up and hear rain on the roof?' 

Such was the morning.  What could I do?  I felt guilty.  So I put on my gear and went running.  It wasn't bad.  Not too cold and not too wet. 

Came home and felt better. 


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