25 April 2013

A Kickstarter Project for a show in London, UK

Artist and curator KAZ asked me to join him for an exhibition in London in July, at Kingsgate Gallery. I will be showing new work, together with some musical sculptures that I will be playing at the opening of the exbihibition, on July 4th, 2013.
Funds for this show are scarce, so we decided to try out Kickstarter to raise funds for this project. At the moment we raised already over a third of what's needed for the show, and we are confident that with your help we will be able to get the show going.
Kickstarter works that you either get the whole project funded, or nothing at all, so I am asking you to promote this project and let all your friends know about it.
This is the link to paste on Facebook, Twitter, or to make a donation:
Even one pound can make a difference.
Thank you very much!
PS: You will receive original artworks from a pledge as small as UK £ 10!
UC1304, a work on paper by Stefano W. Pasquini

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