7 October 2010

Shock and awe

I was reading an article the other day, reminiscing about the '90's and I thought, 'are we there already?'

It seems as though looking back has become our new way of looking forward.  Except these days, we're not looking that far back are we?  I guess it's all to do with the new Pop Culture paradigm that we're all so fond of.  It's the easiest mark to judge against.  Your knowledge of Pop Culture is your cool factor.

It always has been though.  Who you like in bands, books, films, TV etc; that's who you are as a person in the eyes of others.  Sure, it may not be fair but we all do it.  Even if we say on the outside that we don't, on the inside?  Yeah, we all know we do it. 

This article was referencing Nirvana - of course - and comparing them to the last great Youth explosion.  As with most writers talking about this sort of thing (and it's something the writer admitted himself) everyone uses the 'it'll never happen again' thing as more a reference to themselves.  It'll never happen again FOR THEM.  Something I totally agree with.  But then he went on to say that, he truly didn't think something like Nirvana could happen again because, with the Internet, nothing is really hidden anymore.  Even if you purposely don't have a website, or Myspace page, or Facebook, you can still be filmed by someone with a camera and go up on YouTube.  You might not be seen instantly but, the fact that you're there, makes keeping a secret of a good thing that much harder.

But I don't necessarily think of this as a bad thing.  I think it will be subverted somehow; things like this always are.  There will be another Nirvana again and it will happen in my lifetime.  I don't know how but I know it will happen. 

One thing I do know though - it won't be me.

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