4 November 2010

You know what I hate?  People who use the excuse "I've been really busy lately," when the actually mean that they've been too lazy to do anything. 

You know what I hate more?  The people who use this excuse who are, in some small way, trying to run a business.  Let's say it's a record label, or a publishing company, or an arts hub; anything where you can buy something, pay for it using PayPal and then wait until you get your goods. 

I do this a lot.  I'm kind of a searcher of underground subjects; be they art, music, books or culture.  If it's on Myspace or a website somewhere and something is offered for sale, I'm there buying it.  So, I spend quite freely and use services like Myspace and Paypal a lot.  And, most of the people who run these things are pretty good.  I get my stuff in a reasonable amount of time and in good condition.

But not always.  Sometimes you have to wait.  And wait.  And fucking wait.  And when you enquire where your stuff is (that you've already shelled out money for!) it's always the same lazy, lame fucking excuse: "I"ve been really busy man and haven't had time to go to the post office..." 

I actually get these replies.  Tell you what, if you're too busy to go to the post office to provide me with something that happens to be part of your INCOME, then don't bother fucking selling anything.  Better yet, if you're advertising something and accepting payment for it but don't have it in stock, THEN DON'T FUCKING ADVERTISE IT FOR SALE. 

It isn't that hard is it?  And, let's face it, the main reason I hate that excuse is the old quote: if you want something done in a hurry, give it to a busy person.  And it's true.  Someone actually busy, always manages to find time to do everything. 

It's only truly lazy who still use the I'm really busy excuse.  Here's a clue for you pal: we're ALL fucking busy. 

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