21 August 2010

Blues for the penitentiary

Well here I am, illegally blogging on the weekend.

It's Saturday and I have nothing better to do than write this down.  I don't even have anything important, stupid, ridiculous, embarrassing or relevant to say.  I could be reading the paper and, in fact, after I've done this, I'm going to make a coffee and sit down and read the paper.  But first, I have to write this.

Why?  I don't HAVE to write this but I HAVE to write this.  Why?  What's the point?  There is no point, other than it's Saturday and, according to all blog law, no one writes on the weekend. 

But, don't writer's write?  And, if I have a blog - albeit a blog that allows anyone to use it - doesn't that count me as a writer?  Even a writer with atrocious grammar? 

So, writer's write; regardless of the day.

So I have written. 

So it has come to pass. 

I'm a writer. 


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