20 August 2010

How to cultivate squatter's rights.

You know something?  I really hope that every teenager that's on Twitter right now, saves all their Tweets to read back to themselves when they're 40.

I mean, I'm over forty and on Twitter but I'm trying to be a bit careful with what I write.  I'm not just blithely putting up stupid platitudes that mean nothing, like: If she doesn't love you, she's not worth it and if you don't love her, you're not worth it.  Or: the only thng tht mttrs is bng rl! 

Stupid fucking shit that becomes 'Top Tweets' and you just want to kill yourself.  I REALLY hope all the Bieber fanatics keep their abysmal tweets and read them back to themselves when they're 20.  They'll want to die. 

It's not that I'm against all this shit.  And it isn't as though I didn't think or say the same sort of dumb, stupid shit when I was 13.  It's just that we never had a major international forum to post our crap on.  And thank Fucking God for that! 

Remember kids; what you put out now, WILL come back to bite you on the arse.  It's the circle of life Simba.

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