16 August 2010

Civil war to kill the Nazis

I watched Mad Men for the first time last night.  And I'm very sorry to say that I was disappointed. 

I'll keep watching it, because my wife loves it.  And sure it looks good and the writing is crisp and honest but, men like Don Draper piss me off. 

I don't think they're cool.  I don't think they're right.  I don't think they're men to be idolized.  Men like Don Draper are to be pitied and maybe that's the point.  Maybe I'm supposed to feel this way.  In which case - bravo Mad Men, bravo. 

I'll warm to it eventually.  How can I not when the acting is so good?  When the scripts are spot on?  When the whole vibe of the show is so correct?  It doesn't mean I'll ever respect the character Don Draper. 

But maybe I can admire what John Hamm brings to him. 

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