26 August 2010

Man up

It's not until it's pointed out, that you realise just how big the gulf is between the amateur and the professional. Between those who have talent and those - like me - who have none. I always wish I'd been told earlier in my life that I had no talent; that way, I wouldn't have wasted the previous twenty eight years on a failed dream.

But, like most people with no talent, it's taken me until now to realise that I indeed, have no talent. If I had been told (and, truth be told, I had) that I had no talent when I was 21, I wouldn't have believed you anyway. I would've thought you didn't know what you were talking about and of course I had talent.

Sadly though, I now know the truth. Which has made my life a hell of a lot easier, I must say. And that's not being self deprecating or anything. I truly don't have any talent. But, I do have this. So, I suppose that's something.

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