27 August 2010

Thoughts on spam and spumante

I've never been a great one for alcohol. I mean, I like to drink it and I don't mind getting drunk, but it isn't the main thing that crosses my mind when I go out. I CAN go out and have a good time without drinking and I CAN go out and have a good time with drinking, but not getting drunk. What I can't understand is the people who still go out, with the express and ONLY purpose of getting drunk.


Seriously, why?

What's the point in doing something like that? Why go out? Why not just buy a slab and drink it at home? Is it the fact that this sort of thing is often frowned upon that it's not done? Is it the so called, bonding with your fellow man? Why do you care, you're only there to get drunk anyway? And why should they care? They don't want a stupid drunk fucking up their night.

But every weekend - hell - every night it happens somewhere. People going out just to get drunk, then stumbling home and doing it all again the next night.

Just admit you're a fucking alcoholic and get it over with. At least you'll finally be honest. Embrace it man! What have you got to lose?

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